Cleaning with Responsibility

Professional cleaning with responsibility and competence.

We offer professional cleaning services for home, office and industry. We have been working as a professional cleaning company in the area of maintenance cleaning, house maintenance and special cleaning in the canton of Zurich for our customers for more than 10 years. We see ourselves as a holistic service provider in all matters relating to professional cleaning.

To most people, cleaning is more of an annoying chore. Why don’t you leave this work in the hands of experienced specialists, and focus on other things?

As a professional cleaning service, we are always working to further develop and optimize our standards and to design new and attractive offers for our customers. In this way, we ensure that our own quality standard is constantly being improved and optimized. The customers benefit from the optimization of our work processes, employee training and the use of state-of-the-art cleaning agents and equipment.

Get in touch with us; we will gladly give you more information about our services and our company.

Professional Organic Cleaning

In addition, all of our cleaning services can be done with organic cleaning products. For bioremediation, we only use ecologically, organically and environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Contact us and learn more about our bioremediation.

Our concern – your trust

Personal customer contact, and a fair, mutual openness are enormously important to us. This applies to both our customers and our employees. Satisfaction, cost efficiency and trust ensure an optimal work result.
Our creed is an excellent qualitative customer service. We have many years of cleaning experience; and therefore, we are a strong partner for homeowners, private individuals, industry and commerce. Take advantage of our cleaning services.

Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

Natalie Parpan
Responsibilities: Maintenance cleaning and special cleaning crews, AccountingCONTACT


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